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Galmour wellness studio apartment Galaxy – DISCOUNT!!!

New offer – experience of your dreams, unique in Croatia!


Wellness studio Galaxy provides top pleasure and the atmosphere in the latest American jacuzzi with hot water capacity 1450 liters. Recharge and use jacuzzi as you fill like and enjoy 30 hydro and air jets, to give you cuddle and massage for the maximum pleasure. The special atmosphere creates the lighting inside the Jacuzzi.

There is also an infrared sauna with 5 plates of which will allow you complete relaxation and detoxification at a temperature of 60 degrees with a specially adapted program and the security settings to avoid damaging the skin and endanger their health. In addition, the sauna is equipped with stereo audio device through which you can enjoy selected music for a better atmosphere.

At your disposal is a TV with a screen size of 130 cm and SAT program and for creating the special atmosphere you have the ability to adjust lighting in different colors.



1 room soundproof
size: 60 m2 air condition
double bed heating
table with chairs refrigerator
bathroom satelite digital television, screen 130cm
infrared sauna free Wi-Fi
big jacuzzi multi-color lighting with remote control
stove microwave oven

Discount price:

For 2 (two) persons: 750 kn / 103 € (The price includes overnight stay with unlimited use of jacuzzi and infrared sauna)

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Galmour wellness studio apartment Galaxy – DISCOUNT!!! July 30, 2016